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Welcome to Shower Tunes

Introducing an all new showering experience, with ShowerTunes Shower Curtain/ Liner with a built in waterproof speaker system. Listen to some tunes, make or answer a phone call, watch a movie or music video. Built in waterproof speakers, along with a waterproof, touch sensitive control pouch, provides surround sound, that fully reveals your audio and video collection. Simply place your device (i.e. MP3 Player, Tablet or Phone) into the waterproof control pouch located on the exterior of the curtain, plug in the standard audio jack, power on the conveniently located power switch and enjoy full control of your device, from inside your shower! With ShowerTunes, you will never again have to worry about repetitive playlists, reaching out to touch your device with wet hands or exposing your device to moisture and condensation, while showering.

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